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Evolvus helps Emirates National Bank of Dubai (ENBD) for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia go live with the Finacle Core Banking

29 May, 2013: Emirates National Bank of Dubai (ENBD) for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone live with the Finacle Core Banking. Evolvus Solutions managed, strategised and executed the entire migration of data and systems from their legacy core banking system to Finacle. 

The entire program took exactly one year to complete. During this process, data from multiple complex modules of the legacy Core Banking system needed to be understood, extracted, transformed and uploaded to the destination system. The project also involved number of additional complexities that included Arabic data, masked data, uncertain legacy systems, etc. Being the highly complex process it is, the migration process also needed to ensure that the banking operations are kept continuing hence the switch from legacy CBS to Finacle had to be seamless. To ensure that there is zero failure or even delay, a total of 7 Mock migrations and 3 drills were conducted over the project timeline to text real life scenario. 

The high point of the migration was that there were zero critical issues and few minor issues raised post migration. The bank was extremely generous in their praise for our efforts, and in no uncertain terms declared that KSA migration as the smoothest so far in their recent history. This is a significant milestone for Evolvus for strengthening its strategic position in the Middle East market. 

Evolvus Solutions has thus consolidated its position within the bank in terms of our guaranteed quality deliverable, and upheld the reputation of being a specialist in the data migration space. 

Evolvus Solutions is a Software Products company focusing on solutions for the BFSI vertical. They offer a wide host of Banking solutions and suites including AML BankingBanking AutomationLocker ManagementASBA, etc. 

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