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Marcia Teixeira Offers Top Notch Hair Treatments

May 31, 2013: There are now numerous Marcia Teixeira hair treatment products that are currently being used by hundreds of salons across the country. Professional hair stylists recommend Marcia Teixeira hair products to their customers.

In 2006, Marcia Teixeira – Keratin Treatment was introduced in the market by Marcia herself. It started when Marcia discovered a hair styling method in Brazil that seems to keep the hair smooth and straight for a long period of time. This hair treatment is now called a Brazilian Blowout.

Marcia was amazed by the method and thought of bringing it to the hands of consumers. She worked with experts in developing a hair product that would give the same effect. Keratin was discovered to be the key element. The innovation to use keratin for cosmetic purposes revolutionized how salons were giving hair treatments.

Keratin is a type of protein that makes up the outer layer of our skin and most of our nails and hair. Keratin treatment does a couple of benefits to the hair. For starters, they keep hair smooth and manageable. The treatment helps fix hair damage and prevent damage on hair. It is easier to maintain and prolong the hair salon look with the use keratin treatment products. Salon goers can experience an anti-frizz, straight and smooth hair style in a quicker rate because keratin only take 2-3 hours to take in effect. Keratin treatment has made it easier and affordable to get a shiny and healthy hair look.

From a simple keratin treatment hair product, Marcia expanded her company’s product line. Marcia Teixeira now offers different kinds of keratin treatment with different scents, shampoo, conditioner, leave-ins and facial products. There are specific products for all sorts of hair types, which is why it is widely used in salons and recommended by hair stylists.

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://braziliankeratin.com/

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