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Plumbers in Fairfax VA Advocate Transparency in Pricing

04 June, 2013: HMS Plumbing, a highly respected plumbing company in northern Virginia which consists of extensively trained plumbers in Fairfax VA, insists that among the best ways to serve customers is to keep their pricing fair and square. 

The company’s announcement comes in the wake of a recent spate of complaints about the unsatisfactory plumbing services of some unscrupulous plumbers operating in the state. 

Herve, the company’s owner and among the most respected master plumbers in half a dozen counties in northern Virginia, asserts that his company’s devotion to transparency has kept the business thriving even in the toughest business climate. 

HMS Plumbing, among whose employees are some of the finest plumbers in Fairfax VA, puts great stock in pricing transparency that the company has used what it refers to as a “standardized price book” for most plumbing services. 

The standardized rate for every common plumbing job ensures that there will never be surprises: as long as the customer has an identifiable plumbing problem, there is a set specific pricing for the job, no more, no less. 

Moreover, it also inevitably creates trust as the customer will not be surprised with a job pricing that seems to appear magically out of nowhere, as is the case with some other plumbers in the state. 

Moreover, HMS Plumbing also makes it very easy for inquiring customers to know the pricing of a particular job over the phone, which saves the time of both the plumber and the potential customer. If that is not enough, the company also makes sure to keep their prices within a reasonable range, while matching it with a consistently high quality of work. 

Other plumbers in Fairfax VA would usually dodge the pricing question over the phone and would insist on an on-site service call, which sometimes does not work well for the customer who belatedly discovers that they could not afford to pay for the quote. With HMS Plumbing, everything is made as simple and straightforward as possible. 

About Company: 

HMS Plumbing is a family-owned business that provides high-quality and reasonably priced plumbing services in northern Virginia. For further information about HMS Plumbing and how to find the best plumbers in Fairfax VA, please visit the website at http://www.hmsplumbing.com

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