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For all those who wish to rent, invest or buy apartment homes in Miami.

Miami, Florida: Compre Imoveis em Miami specializes in the sale of residential and commercial properties in Miami for U.S. citizens and Brazilians. 

Miami is the best place to stay because of its good weather. A large number of infrastructures are erected and most of them are for sale. It is now a major destination not only for its citizens, but also from different countries. Compre Imoveis em Miami offers the best apartments, real estate (imobiliaria), building investment and condominiums located in Miami (em Miami) so everyone has the advantage of doing business. 

The good news about this is that, in addition to Americans, foreigners who are based there can also buy, rent or invest in properties in Florida, no matter what their citizenship status is. Everyone is subject to the same tax and will undergo legal process observed in the U.S. This is a great opportunity for them because many people around the world come here for business and need shelter. 

Most people who come are Brazilians. They can choose from many options they offer - from simple to luxury apartments, condominiums and houses (casas). They help their clients with all the services they need and function also as council to look for purchase of property. They have friendly staff that are specialized and are happy to serve their customers any time of the day, so they do not have to worry. 

For more information you can contact them at the following numbers:
In Brazil:
São Paulo: (011) 3522-6882
Rio de Janeiro: (031) 4062-7273 (code 609194)
Curitiba: (041) 4064-9151 (code 609194)
Recife: (081) 4062 9037 (code 609194)
Brasilia (061) 4063 6533 (code 609 194)

And in the U.S.:
Miami: (305) 900-0703
Or you can also contact the Cladson Araujo, a Realtor-Associate, on these e-mail: cladson@compreimoveisemmiami.com .
Or visit the website at: http://compreimoveisemmiami.com/home.

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