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Tactical Training Center Produces Well-Rounded Security Investigators

Florida, 6 June 2013: Tactical Training center, a certified training school in Miami, offers formal education for aspiring private investigators or public security officers, to ensure their success, high-performance, and efficiency in the field. 

Tactical Training Center offers two courses, which can be taken in no particular order. These are the Class “D” and Class “G” trainings. 

Completion of the courses will let students apply for licenses as security officers, and have an extensive background and training fit for a Florida private investigator

Class “D” training is a 40-hour class that completes training and education requirements for an unarmed security officer. Courses include ethics and professional conduct, access control, patrol techniques, report writing, safety and accident prevention, legal issues and liability, first aid, security, and communications. Upon completion of the course, students can apply for an unarmed public security officer license. 

The Class “G” training, on the other hand, focuses on firearms proficiency. The training lasts for 28 hours, and allows the students to apply for an armed security officer license (after they have been approved for a Class “D” license). The training includes classroom study as well as classes and examinations in shooting ranges. 

As a Miami school for private investigator, Tactical Training Center values professionalism and integrity in providing their service. They guarantee students, upon completion of the courses, to be rich in theoretical and practical knowledge in police science. 

The training center aims to serve as an initial training and formal education for students who wish to pursue careers, either as public security officers or private investigators. 

Tactical Training Center is headed by its president, Charles Bineh, a South Florida private detective. He has been in the field for 25 years, and has a wide expertise in private Law Enforcement and Private Investigation. 

The Training Center has a website at http://tacticaltrainingctr.com . Their office is located at Federal Highway Suite 101, Pompano Beach, Florida. 

For Media Contact:
Tactical Training Center
950 N. Federal Hwy, suite 101
Pompano Beach, Florida

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