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Award Winning Website Celebrates The Best-Seller Spring/Summer Collection For The Year 2013.

6 June, 2013: The award winning Kerry Blu website celebrates the release of the new spring 2013 collection. In 2011 this website won nation-wide recognition for winning the best bridal accessories in the County Brides North West Awards. This online bridal jewellery boutique has unveiled a never before attempted spring/summer collection this year. 

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment for a woman. With the aim to make every woman look beautiful on her big day, the website Kerry Blu has launched a special elite to budget range spring/summer collection. The bridal Jewellery website has always been known for its top quality. Hence, not many could afford their special handcrafted top quality accessories. This year, this site decided to make every bride’s dream come true. 

The 2013 spring/summer collection of bridal jewellery has been launched with a twist. The budget jewellery range consists of elegant handcrafted designs with cheaper yet beautiful. The style of the jewellery has not been compromised. Only the more expensive stones and metals were replaced by cheaper ones to make sure budget buyers can afford it. 

As for the elite collection, the designs are even better than those found last year. As a matter of fact, they are bigger and better. The designs include classic, elegant, modern and another new addition is the quirky designs. The quirky designs are for brides with a different taste and who wants to stand out. 

The range of colors for the jewellery is also wider in this spring/summer collection. From the mainstream to the unimaginable, a buyer will find all the colors possible. Wedding is a very special occasion and so the jewellery should look just as beautiful as the bride should in her wedding dress. There are also fun packages this year that includes great gifts for the flower girls, bridesmaid, etc. To get more information please go to http://www.kerryblu.co.uk/ . 

About kerryblu.co.uk 

The Kerry Blu is a leading UK online wedding jewellery boutique. In 2011 it was awarded the best bridal accessories in the County Brides North West Wedding Awards. It sells all accessories needed for wedding including gift ideas for Ushers, Best man, flower girls, bridesmaid, etc. 

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