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The Pulse Condo offers budget friendly condominiums in Bang Saen Thailand.

June 6, 2013: Nestled in the peaceful site of the beach and just a few minute’s walk from the Burapha University, the Bang Saen breaks the long-standing record of being one of the most expensive places to buy or rent condos in Thailand. A visit by the most critical real estate teams of Thailand has established that these budget friendly condos offers top quality cutting edge interior design.

Bang Saen beach being located in one of the top Universities of Thailand, the Condo in Bang Saen was always a tad too expensive for the University students. Students who wanted to live near the peaceful beach front always found it too expensive for their budget. Top Thailand properties decided to come up with a smart line of condos that are affordable enough for students to rent and yet offers the best in quality. 

These condos are already making headlines with their smart landscaped gardens, outdoor study space and swimming pools. Although these condos are especially student friendly, they are also great for investment business. Taga especially offers great amount of privacy so much so that they have become a favorite spot for honeymoon couples. The close proximity to amenities also makes it a hit among buyers and tenants. 

Despite being a record breaking budget friendly development, the condos are built on the best of locations with spacious interiors. The rooms measure as big as 37.5 square meters and balcony measures about 42 square meters facing the serene beach site. The interior is fully furnished with modern furniture and AC. These condos are fully protected with 24 hour security. To provide the best holiday stay the terms of stay in these condos are flexible. Limitations are not imposed as long as the residents do not pose a threat to the safety of the people nearby. To get more information please visit http://thepulsecondo.com . 

About thepulsecondo.com: 

The Pulse Condo is a prestigious name for posh condos in Bang Saen Thailand. The website provides all the latest and detailed information about the condos. All contact information about the office, its location, and pictures of the condos are provided in the website. 

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