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Visit the Oldest Zoo in the World

June 8, 2013: As holidaymakers make their way from Vienna airport by shuttles hired from Shuttle Direct, they will notice the oldest Zoo in the world - Tiergarten. 

This is a great place for animal lovers, children, couples and the elderly. 

With shuttle transfers and a reliable service Shuttle Direct can transport friends and families comfortably from the airport or hotel to Tiergarten. 

Couples and groups have the choice of hiring a private shuttle or opting for the shared shuttle, an opportunity to mingle with new people as you travel around Vienna. 

The spacious Tiergarten is home to 750 animals some including; emus, baby Siberian tigers, giant pandas and armadillos. 

There are informative maps available informing holidaymakers of the feeding or dinning times of the animals so that visitors can watch. 

This would be a great photo opportunity, whether holiday makers are snapping the animals or themselves with the animals. The zoo is open from 9am to 6:30pm. 

For more information, contact Shuttle Direct by telephone on 0870 735 0369 (UK) to speak to a representative. Alternatively, visit the web site at www.shuttledirect.com for more information. 


Shuttle Direct provides low-cost, hassle-free and speedy transfers from the major airports in Europe to you chosen destinations. Book today and start planning the rest of your holiday tomorrow! 

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