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Curing Mold and Water Damage in San Diego Homes

June 7, 2013: Spring is in the air and while some people are happy others aren't, because with spring comes an unwelcome visitor to their homes - a funky smell due to wet weather and rains of late fall and winter often drip, wick, and seep their way into the home, unbeknownst to many householders.

Therefore, it is against this background that San Diego's leading Water Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation Service provider, Gold Coast Flood & Mold Specialists are reminding householders that now is the time to make sure no undetected leak go unnoticed.

"What begins as a slow roof leak or puddle below your bedroom window can become a festering moisture problem with unhealthy consequences," notes the Gold Coast spokesperson, who claims most household mold damage occurs as a result of slow and unnoticed water damage. 

"Water damage that is not addressed quickly and properly creates perfect cultivating conditions for mold to develop," adds the San Diego water damage remediation professional. Noting further that even after the source of moisture has ceased, the spokesperson says mold can continue to spread if the humidity is right, and that some types of mold become even more dangerous after drying out. 

"So, don't be fooled into thinking that you're out of the woods once the rains stop," cautions the spokesperson, who points out the following warning signs that may indicate home owners have a mold problem in their home. 

The most obvious, according to the source, is the presence of visible mold growth on ceilings, walls, baseboard, carpet, or cabinetry. "Visible mold is either a sign of high humidity levels within the home causing a surface microbial accumulation, or, unseen moisture behind building materials causing mold growth from the inside out," says the source, thus indicating that the latter is almost always going to be a more severe infestation. 

Another sign which may indicate a mold problem is a water stain or a musty odor. "Smells can be deceiving, and obviously there is some level of subjectivity when your nose is involved, but a sudden and mysterious odor may very well be a sign that there is a mold or mildew problem somewhere out of sight within your home," notes the Gold Coast Flood representative. 

However, the mold remediation specialists adds that if householders feel like the winter rains may have left them with an unwelcome mold problem, their first step should be to call a water damage and mold remediation specialist and schedule a mold inspection. A cursory look around one's home is helpful in locating obvious areas of damage or points of external water intrusion, but according to the specialist, the trained eyes and specialized moisture detection equipment of a professional is the key to locating and assessing mold damage before the problem worsens. 

"Even if you have found a mold problem which may not seem severe, improper handling of mold can be very dangerous to your health, and is just another reason to let a professional look at it before attempting to take matters into your own hands," points out the mold remediation service provider, who claims Spring is mold season in San Diego and people shouldn’t hesitate to call in their local experts at Gold Coast Flood Restorations, a family owned and operated water damage restoration firm in San Diego for over 25 years. 

As a highly ranked service provider on Angie's List and the Better Business Bureau, Gold Coast Flood Restorations is a trustworthy flood and mold remediation service provider. 

For more information about Gold Coast Flood Restorations and the San Diego mold and water damage services they offer, please visit their website at http://www.goldcoastflood.com/water-damage , or call (888) 373-9243. Check out their San Diego water damage Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sandiegowaterdamage 

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