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Gujarat, June 8, 2013: Pipes are typically used in order to convey water or Gas (any Fluid) from one point to the next. Of course, the transport of fluid is not something that can be done in a continuous manner. In most cases, there needs to be some sort of control; otherwise, flooding and leaks can occur. To control such fluids quite often different types of valves are used. Quite often these valves operation needs to be automated. This is where come in the need of solenoid valves and Valve automation systems.

Solenoid valves are typically electromechanically operated. These valves are generally switched on and off in order to control the inflow and outflow of liquid. In more complex set-up, the solenoid valves are used in order to distribute, mix, and dose liquids. 

While Valve automation systems are typically a basic mechanical valve (ball valve, butterfly valve or plug valve) connected with pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic actuator provides the required rotary motion to valve to make it OPEN or CLOSE. This widely use in almost all process industries for fluid control automation. 

One of the dependable solenoid valve and Valve automation system manufacturers in India is Rotex Automation Limited. This manufacturer of solenoid valve and valve automation system has been around for quite some time from 1967. Rotex has galore of the solenoid valve and Valve automation system range with almost all the product certifications likes ATEX, CCOE, INMETRO, UL, GOSH, IECEX etc. Also it has high reliability certification of SIL 3 for majority of the solenoid valves and valve automation systems which has made Rotex a preferred source for almost all Critical applications in Oil & Gas and Power segment. The company has world-class facilities in three different locations within India. Some of the other products that Rotex Automation Limited offers include Pneumatic Power cylinders, Valve Automation Systems, E to P Positioners, Limit Switch Boxes, Angle Seat Valves (double-acting and single-acting), and customized solutions such as panel boxes and special solenoid valves. Rotex has also entered into new segment of Automotive solenoid valves, solenoid valves for soda and coffee vending and other highly growing segments. 

More information about Rotex Automation Limited as well as their different products can be found at http://www.rotexindia.com/ . 

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