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Robinson Productions LLC Launches Kid Kulinaire to Help Combat Childhood Obesity

10 June, 2013: Kid Kulinaire is a newly released culinary website located at http://www.kidkulinaire.com that is designed to promote wellness and combat childhood obesity epidemic in the world. The website does not only demonstrate to children how to cook but also the proper nutrition that they need to have in order for them to live a healthy life.

The release of the website can benefit both parents and children. The information that the site provides will help children and parents make a healthy choice of foods. There are even videos that children can watch to learn how to cook simple and common meals using ingredients that can be found at their home. Moreover, the program also informs children about the hazards that can happen in kitchens and suggest some of the safety precautions that they should observe. This newly released interactive website will help children become aware of what they eat and inform them about the possible causes of these foods to their health. 

The Kid Kulinaire site will help children harness the knowledge that they need to develop their skills in cooking at a young age. Children with natural talent in cooking can visit the site from time to time to get the information that they need to win certain kids cooking competition. Parents can even leave their children at home alone without getting worried that they might get hungry as they now have the opportunity to become a cook for themselves. The release of the website is not all about teaching kids how to cook with proper nutrition, but also about introducing to kids the entire line of healthy products that they can purchase at supermarkets. 

Parents are the ones who will considerably benefit from the release of the site as they can have a partner in keeping their kids nutrition in the healthy side. Parents can even register their child at the site by signing up an email. They now have the chance to get daily newsletters that contain updates and useful information. Parents can even shop at the website for the products and equipment that their children need in learning how to cook their own meals. Parents can even download a mobile app for their kids and let their children learn the proper way of cooking through following a video. 

Robinson Production LLC is a company that specializes in daytime television (TV) cooking segments and training videos. It has offices in Los Angeles, California, Ohio, and Florida. 

"Wow what an amazing site, it has everything and I love the games..." -- Dana Stamos, Owner of www.WorldWideDojo.com . 

For further information about the newly released website, please visit http://www.kidkulinaire.com . 

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Brian David Robinson
Company: Robinson Productions LLC
Phone No.: 614-425-5084
Email: robinsonllcproductions@gmail.com
Website: http://www.kidkulinaire.com

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