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HowzThat IM has revolutionized Affordable Local Search Engine Optimization SEO Services

June 11, 2013: HowzThat IM, one of the best Internet marketing services company, has commented that a lot of business owners are ignoring Local SEO services in their marketing campaigns. They said that in doing so, business owners are leaving a lot of money on the table and failing to utilize the most effective way to increase their earnings. They stressed that a properly designed SEO campaign will help them outrank their local competitors which in turn will increase their direct profits. 

They mentioned that although majority of business owners themselves use internet to locate their favorite food restaurants or other services, they pay a blind eye to the fact they are not utilizing this same service for their own benefits. If the businesses can identify the keywords that their clients use to search them, then they can optimize their efforts to get ranked in top 3 positions with the help of HowzThat IM’s affordable local search engine optimation services

HowzThat IM mentioned “Our services start at $200/ month with money back guarantee if your business is not listed in top 3 sites on the list for your target keyword. How about that? A lot of our new clients find it hard to believe. But we almost always over-deliver on our promises and get our clients the first ranking. You do not need to pay any fees, like you pay in the Pay Per Click type of campaigns. (Google adwords etc.) You just pay one monthly deposit to get you ranked on top of the list for your buyer keyword.” 

HowzThat IM seem confident that their affordable search engine optimization and website design services combined, will help business owners spend more time with their families by allowing them to increase their earnings in limited time due to more customers. They offer free consultation for people looking for local SEO services prices guide where they check your existing ideas and help you put them into action. After interested owners contact them, they check the exisiting condition of clients, whether they have an online identity, a website, a brand logo, flyers and coupons, business cards and more. Then they prepare a plan to help the business take initiative to utilize all these factors to their advantage. 

About HowzThat IM: HowzThat IM is a pioneer in affordable Local Search Engine Optimization Services and Wesbite Design Services. They have helped over 300 business owners to get a strong online presence and position themselves above others in similar industries. They cover restaurants, door to door services, property and real estate, eco services, clothing, industrial machining, IT services, non-profit organizations and a lot of different industries. Their website at howzthatim.com offers great solutions for people wanting to improve their sales and earnings. 

Visit http://howzthatim.com/pricing/ for more information. 

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