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Preemptive Reputation Marketing is a Waste of Time

Birmingham, UK: At a recent Internet Marketing event in Birmingham City Centre, at the Britannia Hotel, industry expert Brian Parnall was advised by an audience member that Preemptive Reputation Marketing was a waste of time and money. The audience member wishes to remain nameless, however, was very vocal on the subject.

He also said "This is just another way for you marketing companies to make more money out of small business owners." 

Parnall responded quite simply and said "Would you prefer to have people find you and reviews about your business or not? We live in a day and age where people search and read reviews about a business or product before they buy. If there are no reviews or testimonials these people move onto another business." 

The audience member challenged "Where's the proof?" 

Parnall took a quick poll of the Birmingham audience by asking: "This is a question to everybody, when buying online and faced with a product or service with no reviews over a product or service with 12 positive reviews which would you go for?" 

Over 80% of the 100 strong audience said they would go with the product or company with the positive reviews. The audience member whom made the initial statement became a convert to the importance of reputation management and brand building. 

During the event Parnall described Preemptive Reputation Marketing as a hybrid between reputation management and brand awareness. He advised that it is important for businesses to be found online, have satisfied customers and news stories talking about them. It enables the Internet searcher to build their own impression of the business before they pick up the telephone or buy from them. 

Parnall also advised that in 2012 Neilson Media Research conducted a study that concluded that over 70% of Internet users trust online reviews. The study also suggested that over 80% of people looking for reviews on a product, business or service will move onto another if they can not easily find any reviews. 

Parnall ended the presentation on why he believes that preemptive small business reputation marketing works, concluding that Internet users must gain trust and confidence in the provider, before they decided to buy. 

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