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Gastronomy Festival Indulges the Taste Buds of Visitors to Albufeira

20 June 2013: One of the most visited places in Portugal, crowds of savvy tourists travel from Faro to Albufeira every year to experience the wonders of this beautiful city. In the summer Albufeira caters to every kind of person by hosting a number of festivals and events to entertain visitors and promote the rich Portuguese culture of the area. Albufeira is now beginning to gear up for the summer season.

The Gastronomy Festival that takes place in Albufeira every summer invites people to indulge themselves in succulent food that inspires visitors to keep coming back to Albufeira. The main attraction of the festival is the fresh seafood, especially the “Catapland”, grilled sardines, the Algarve region is famous for. With an extensive menu of meats, seafood, and of course dessert, the festival will feature even more restaurants and chefs this year to compensate for the amount of visitors.

With a less than an hour’s transit from Faro to Albufeira, businessman Bruno Calzaverini, of the Shuttle Direct is very excited for the upcoming summer season. “The Gastronomy Festival is the perfect combination of Portuguese culture and entertainment that is such an integral part of our tourism industry”, says Calzaverini. Albufeira encourages people to use a shuttle service to get to the festival, because many visitors can get lost. “People who visit these kinds of festivals are really looking for a bargain, and a guaranteed safe experience,” Calzaverini states. The celebration of local delicacies is easily one of the most popular excuses to visit Albufeira, and helps support many of the local businesses.

For a week in September Albufeira is transformed. With local restaurants participation, the residents of this coastal town host visitors to not only to show off local delicacies, but also to bring in revenue. Albufeira relies heavily on the tourism industry, and this festival is one of its ways to draw visitors to their town. With preparations for the festival beginning in July, tourists who visit the town will notice an extra sparkle or two. So if you are looking for a destination with culture and an exciting atmosphere, and want to support small businesses, take a trip from Faro to Albufeira and let your taste buds burst with the succulence of the food offered.

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