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It’s Easy to Compare Business Electricity Suppliers and Tariffs.

21 June 2013: With energy prices rising over the last couple of years and figures are looking like they have almost peeked there has not been a better time to switch electricity tariffs than now in 2013.

So dig out your energy bills and look at the cost per unit of energy and you start comparing today. 

The electricity contract you would of agreed to will have been for fixed term at a fixed rates and normally run for one year, however there has been a rise with suppliers tieing businesses in for up to 5 years. It’s likely that if you can’t remember renewing your businesses contract, it could of ended, where this is the case you will have been transferred to you suppliers standard variable rate. 

The process of switching is seamless and regulated by Ofgem. I have listed some helpful tips to which will help you when seeking a new supplier. 

• The six major suppliers: British Gas, EDF, EON, Npower, Southern Electric and Scottish Power. 

• Compare Energy Tariffs: Use a price comparison site to check the best rates available today. 

• Avoid Out of Contract Tariffs: If you do not sign a new contract you will be placed on out of contract rate and is more expensive. 

• Avoid Rollover Contracts: If you have received your renewal letter do not accept the extension offer as the tariff will be much higher than you are currently paying. 

• Formally Terminate Your Agreement: It’s essential you to inform you current in writing before the date in your renewal letter. If you don’t you are unable to move to a new tariff or supplier. 

BusinessElectricityPrices.com launched to help UK businesses reduce their electricity prices and offer free impartial advice ensuring your business is on a cost-effective energy tariff. 

http://www.businesselectricityprices.com a UK based Electricity Company that closely monitors different electricity suppliers’ tariffs. Contact info@businesselectricityprices.com

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