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Leading CEOs reveal the performance level of employees influenced by smart work wear clothing.

June 21, 2013: The recent buzz going around in the corporate world is that ‘if you want to get to a higher position in work, dress the part’. Leading business persons have revealed that the secret to striking business deals is to give a better impression of you to the other party. By dressing well, it gives the impression that you are successful and hence the other party will want to be your business partner. 

At interviews, wearing a well cut and comfortable suit will make you look sharp. This will not just impress the interviewers but also yourself and hence, it will boost your confidence level. The self-assurance will bear out in their performance level at the interview. 

The same goes to corporate offices where it is mandatory for employees to wear uniforms. An exclusive interview with a world class CEO has revealed that the performance level of the employees is enhanced when they are made to wear quality work wear clothing. 

An experiment has been performed on two groups of volunteers with the same intellectual potential. The first group was made to wear low quality, shabby uniforms to work. The other group was made to wear well cut, top quality uniforms. A month later, their work performance was checked. It showed a considerable improvement on the part of the well dressed employees while the shabbily dressed employed performed below average. 

Opinions collected from a number of companies have revealed the same thing. That the self-confidence level as well as the performance level of employees has increased incredibly with the improvement in their work wear clothing . 

Successful companies have been using this secret technique for centuries. This very simple phenomenon is very crucial to controlling the psychology of the employees in a positive way. This is indeed one of the top secrets held on for many years by successful men around the world. To get more information please go to http://www.cjmclothing.com/ 

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