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Samie Bisaso offers Music & Lyrics With a Strong Message of Faith

Burlington, Massachusetts, June 24, 2013: Samie Bisaso’s music is classified as progressive soul, but the main focal point in his sound, is the voice behind the music. Powerful, uplifting, intelligent, and divergent from other soul artists, Bisaso brings a stage presence and message to listeners that isn’t far from divine. Having built a strong relationship with God, the experiences and faith of this Artist are the cornerstone of his presentation. Meaningful lyrics are presented with passion through his original sound. 

The album “Lost Without You” by Samie Bisaso represents the inner struggle that almost all individuals experience in their lifetime. This struggle deals with finding faith during the hardships of everyday life. The beauty behind the album is its ability to display a deep spiritual relationship without sounding preachy. Like many artists within the Christian music genre, it is the love presented in his message that appeals to listeners of all ages and creeds. 

Recorded under his own label by the name of Samie Productions Studios, “Lost Without You” is a ProTools masterpiece spanning 11 tracks of pure spiritual bliss. Heartfelt and indicative of an individual that reached his current understanding of faith through a long journey, Bisaso provides a revolutionary look at religion in our current time and turning to God for life’s answers. Topped only by hearing the album live, “Lost Without You” is a powerful album and message to the world. 

Currently in the process of embarking on a live tour, Bisaso looks forward to reaching listeners in United States, Africa, and the United Kingdom. “Lost Without You” is currently available on iTunes, CD Baby, and other select online music vendors. For more information on Samie Bisaso and his unique brand of soulful Christian music, check out his YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/samiepro222 , or his official site at www.samieproductions.com . 

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