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Haulage Exchange Can Protect Haulage Companies from Failure

June 2013: In the face of a number of veteran haulage companies—some had been in business for several decades—folding up, Haulage Exchange remains adamant in its vital role in keeping industry participants working together profitably. Most recently, a good haulier operating in Corby and St Albans has gone into administration, leaving 53 people without a job. But Haulage Exchange remains bullish about its role in not only keeping haulage companies afloat, but also to actually help them do well even amid an increasingly difficult economic climate in the UK.

Haulage Exchange, which has been in existence for more than a decade, currently has thousands of active members from all over the country—which means its network of haulage companies, small operators and even owner drivers are of sufficient diversity that enables the whole system grow fast and profitably. For example, it provides easy to use tools for hauliers to find backloads, thereby transforming what is otherwise ‘dead mileage’ into ‘highly profitable mileage.’ In fact, members can find available loads as easily as a mouse-click. Moreover, it is also a bustling place for members to find new business contacts, especially those with whom they can form mutually beneficial partnerships.

As one of the UK’s major drivers of growth and innovation as far as the haulage industry is concerned, Haulage Exchange provides a special place for hauliers and other interested parties to do business efficiently, painlessly and profitably. By providing a way for hauliers to find available loads or farm out excess jobs, Haulage Exchange helps tens of thousands of business entities to stave off losses and turn risks into growth opportunities and profit. Its thousands of members attest to how the organisation’s excellent freight exchange services have helped them increase their profit margins and sustain their company’s growth from year on year, despite the UK’s highly challenging economic status.

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Haulage Exchange, a division of the highly respected Transport Exchange Group, is now one of the UK’s largest and busiest independent freight exchanges, with more than 4,500 active users and half a million haulage movements nationwide. For more information about Haulage Exchange, visit its website at http://www.haulageexchange.co.uk .

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