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Rihanna Gives Barbados Tourism a Publicity Boost

24th June 2013: Barbados is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year, as are many islands in the Caribbean. But herein lies the problem: there are so many beautiful holiday destinations here that it is difficult for each one to stand out from the rest. However, Barbados, which is home to popular hotels like Cobblers Cove, recently used its secret weapon to garner some publicity: Rihanna.

Honeymoons, family holidays and luxury escapes are all popular types of holidays in Barbados, where people arrive to stay in hotels like Cobblers Cove and see the fantastic attractions and, of course, the beautiful beaches. But the star appeal of Rihanna is something that will be welcomed by the tourism industry.

Rihanna recently posed on one of Barbados’s stunning golden beaches, and the images appeared in numerous media outlets around the world, garnering some excellent publicity. Indeed, authorities will be hoping that they will see a tourism boost as a result of the increased awareness from the campaign.

Why Rihanna? The singer is from Barbados, and it is not the first time she has been involved in tourism marketing campaigns on the island. Countries like Barbados have to make use of all the tools at their disposal to compete against the other countries in the region, and even with stunning hotels like Cobblers Cove to attract tourists, anything that can help Barbados to stand out is going to be useful.

Whether the star’s recent publicity session will help to boost tourism remains to be seen, but it certainly will not have hurt the country’s image. Barbados has long been a top destination for tourists in search of sun and beautiful beaches, but by getting some excellent publicity the profile of the country will be increased and the authorities will be hoping that they can attract even more tourists to stay in its luxury hotels and enjoy its beautiful beaches this summer.

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