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Shopperfrolics Offer A New Range To Their Funny Greeting Cards Collection

26 June, 2013: UK company Shopperfrolics based near Chipping Norton, the delightful town in Oxfordshire have just announced that they are adding a new selection of funny greeting cards by Jonathan Pugh to their already extensive range of funny birthday cards, etc.

The company director, Gillian Fothergill, has many years of experience in funny greeting cards for all occasions including such makes as Camilla and Rose, Spring Chicken cards, etc.

The main feature of these cards is the fact that they are all very funny. Their words are not those depicted on many post cards that can be purchased in British seaside resorts, but the cards sold by Shopperfrolics are all hilariously funny, and evoke a huge belly laugh.

Anyone considering sending a funny greeting card should always visit the online store of Shopperfrolics, and everyone will be amazed at the vast array of funny cards.

No matter how down in the dumps a person is they, will be cheered up immediately as soon as a funny greeting cards from Shopperfrolics comes through their letterbox.

Shopperfrolics stocks greeting cards for all sort of events, and for all ages, and they have funny birthday cards for people of a certain age that will cause the recipient of the birthday card to smile, and almost completely forget that they are in fact celebrating a birthday for a person that is not as young as they used to be.

It is worth while going online and looking at the enormous range of funny birthday cards on offer. Even by simply looking at these funny greeting cards online will turn a grey day into a very sunny one. You simply have to look at the very funny pictures and words on all these cards, and a huge grin will spread over your face.

All these funny greeting cards and funny birthday cards including the Spring Chicken cards can be purchased individual or can be bought in medium to high volumes. Every month Shopperfrolics have special discount offers on all their funny greeting cards, and although they are based in Oxfordshire, they can be mailed or shipped throughout the whole of the UK and abroad.

Orders of over £30 for these funny greeting cards are mailed or shipped free of charge.

The artists who are responsible for drawing these cards are among the best artists and cartoonists available not only in Great Britain, but from anywhere in the world today.

When talking about funny birthday cards and funny greeting cards in general the drawings are just as important as the written words, and this is what makes the funny greeting cards sold by Shopperfrolics so very important and memorable.

The new Jonathan Pough selection is going to be as big a seller as the Camilla and Rose, and the Spring chicken card range have proved to be.

Funny greeting cards are of course not the only product that are sold by Shopperfrolics as they have a great number of other humorous products, such as novelty cooking apron, novelty coasters, bottle holders, fridge magnets, recipe holders, napkins, tea towels etc., and all have one thing in common, and that is that they will make you smile and laugh.

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