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Educationists argue Homework for Money Websites Help Students Use Their Time Productively.

June 26, 2013: Recently, there has been a lot of debate going on about whether it is ethical to be paid for doing someone’s homework. Parents and teachers all like raised their eyebrows at the ‘unethical’ practice. The questioned asked to them was, whether they will be able to help the students do their homework. All were silent. 

It is a new practice to pay someone to do homework for the students. The truth is, society does not take well to new changes. Anything new is always frowned upon until they finally learn to accept. Paying someone to do your homework is just another form of paying for a private tuition. Only difference is, it is a better form of tuition. Here the student will ask for help only when needed and hence, pay selectively. 

These websites offering to do homework in return for money should be accepted for two reasons if not for many reasons. First, the college universities are performing poorly in educating its students. Students are left on their own to fend for themselves. They have nowhere else to seek for help. Poor performance on the part of the students has led to numerous cases of depression and suicide. These websites are only there to guide helpless students who cannot find any help from the teachers, parents or friends. 

The second reason is that top educationists are of the view that compulsory subjects should not be imposed on students. The present education system is cumbersome, forcing feeding students on subjects they are not interested. According to these educationists, a good part of a student’s life is wasted on trying to understand a subject they hate instead of productively using that time on learning a subject they like. These homework for money websites are a great way to combat this education system. The websites help students do their homework on subjects they do not like while they can productively spend it on things they are interested in. To get more information please got to http://www.paysomeonehomework.com/ 

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The website offers hundreds of experienced professors to do your homework at a very cheap price. The site aims at helping students to understand their doubts on difficult subjects by solving their homework systematically.

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