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Haulage Exchange Unshakably Confident About Haulage Business Outlook Despite Rise In Journey Costs

26, June 2013: Haulage Exchange remains enthusiastically confident about the ability of its freight exchange services in helping haulage companies and smaller owner drivers that regularly take on loads to easily overcome further challenges thrown their way by the UK’s economic difficulties. This announcement comes in the wake of the recently released results of a UK grain haulage survey that show how much the cost of a journey made on the roads of the UK has increased. 

On average, the UK cost of a 10-mile journey has increased by 15 per cent higher compared with that of last year’s figures at £4.92/tonne, and this depending on the region. Specific to hauling loads of grain, the average per-mile cost for 10-mile trips is £0.49/tonne. Of course, the cost of longer journeys (£0.09/tonne 150 miles) is much lower than journeys involving short distances (10 miles) as fuel efficiency and the dilution of loading and tipping costs start factoring in. 

In this context, Haulage Exchange believes that its set of freight exchange services will help haulage companies dodge and hurdle whatever economic challenge comes their way. For instance, the ability to find profitable available loads on return journeys enable hauliers to turn loss into profit and further enhance their fleet’s fuel efficiency. 

One of the UK’s haulage industry’s leading innovators, Haulage Exchange provides an excellent platform for haulage companies and owner drivers that regularly take on loads to do business as efficient as technologically possible, and quite profitably at that. By continuously opening opportunities for hauliers to find available loads or farm out excess work load, Haulage Exchange helps thousands of businesses to dodge potential losses and transform risks into growth opportunities and profit. Its thousands of members attest to how the organisation’s excellent freight exchange services have helped them increase their profit margins and sustain their company’s growth every year, despite the UK’s economic difficulty. 

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Haulage Exchange, a division of the highly respected Transport Exchange Group, is now one of the UK’s largest and busiest independent freight exchanges, with more than 4,500 active users and over 30,000 monthly loads nationwide. For more information about Haulage Exchange, visit its website at http://www.haulageexchange.co.uk . 

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