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Finesse Kitchen Introduces Modern Fitted Kitchen Designs

26 June, 2013: Finesse Kitchen proves to be the all-in-one kitchen shop in the UK as it introduces five cozy fitted kitchen designs for modern families to choose from. The collection is comprised of Schuller Kitchens, Mereway Kitchens, Aster Kitchens, Second Nature Kitchens and Trend Kitchens. All these designs are oozing with aesthetic finesse and modernity. 

Fitted kitchens are the trends within modern homes not only in the UK but in the rest of the modern world as well. They are design perfection, convenience, and functionality packed in one simple room that has it all. The neat concept gives bigger space and easy access to all kitchen equipment and facilities. 

Renovation of kitchens can be really expensive and tedious for the family. To help solve this problem, Finesse Kitchen, the maker of the best Fitted Kitchens UK, offers a budget friendly solution that covers designs, materials, labour, and refurbishing as necessary. 

Schuller Kitchens 

Schuller is a German-inspired kitchen concept that maximizes storage and space by integrating a clockwork design for convenience in every task in the kitchen. The entire concept makes working in the kitchen really easy as the storage areas are compact yet easily accessible. It is the most compact design among all fitted kitchens by Finesse Kitchen. 

Variations of Schuller Kitchen include Biella, Campo, Gala, Lima and Veneto. 

Mereway Kitchen 

For a modern English vibe, there is the Mereway design. The design features modern rusticity with emphasis on furniture maximization without compromising functionality. 

Variations of Mereway Kitchen include Canterbury, Lastra, Redmond, Segreto and Virginia Cream. 

Aster Kitchens 

The artistic representation of Italian home designing is well featured in this design. Aster will not fail those who want a touch of the Italian Renaissance. Modernity and classic combines in this design. 

Variations include Cucine Contempora, Cucine Domina, Cucine Laccatto and Cucine Laminato. 

Second Nature Kitchens 

Second Nature is a personalized combination of all eclectic kitchen concepts to suit whatever families desire. Marketed as the closest to perfection, it is a design that incorporates modernity with micro details. 

Variations include American, Avant, Bede, Eden and Milton. 

Trend Kitchens 

This design concept effectively combines affordability with full functionality and style. Variations include Ivory Glass, Handleless White, Painted Shaker, Shaker Oak and Textured Slab. 

About us: Fitted Kitchens UK 

It is your one stop shop to finding the perfect kitchen! 

More of these design concepts can be found at the official website of Finesse Kitchen.
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