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Flipboard apps are now going to support Instagram

5 July, 2013: Good news for all the Instagram users. Flipboard, the famous android and iOS app which allows the users to view videos is now going to add Instagram along with the existing list of Facebook and Twitter. To get this feature, both android and iOS users have to download the updates. The news about the update has come from a report published by The Next Web. Flipboard which is already the most favored social-magazine app will now be able to view and share the videos which are displayed in the photo sharing and video sharing sites. With this new feature, the users will now be able to share the videos of Facebook and Twitter with magazines.

Strange enough, this new feature is actually not been published in the iOS and android app stores; however, Josh Ong of The Next Web has confirmed that he was able to see the Instagram videos when he updated the latest version of Flipboard. The enhancement in the app mainly includes reminder that the user is required to login to Google Reader on Flipboard before July 1, 2013 to save all their feeds and folders. The enhancement also says that the users can share their Facebook and Twitter videos in the magazines. Services such as Buyinstaprom to buy instagram likes are available in the market. 

This feature was anticipated after Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites have introduced support for video on Instagram last week. Twitter had already started this service by terming it as Vine. After the start of this service by Facebook, many websites have actually introduced this feature. Microsoft has also announced that it is soon going to release an updated version of Windows 8 which will have Flipboard as one of the apps inbuilt in the system. The customer response to this has been mixed.

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