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Miracle Fruit based spam attacked Instagram users

5 July 2013: Internet users are set to witness another form of spam – this time it is in the form of fruits. Recent reports suggest that Instagram users are suffering from the spam where they have witnessed the photos of fruits. Users across the globe have reported that same type of fruits pictures are auto posted and appear in their friend’s Instagram feeds with a caption saying “Ever seen this stuff? I guess its super healthy, im giving it a try. I saw it on Dr. Oz’s show!. Link is in my bio. #lovemyfollowers #health.”. It is yet to be ascertained how many users are affected by this spam; as official figures are not released by Facebook and Instagram.

As per the update provided by Instagram, the company agreed that its users have reported certain incidents where they have experienced unwanted pictures being posted from their account. It is not known whether any merchants who help people buy instagram followers via http://www.buyinstaprom.com/ have been affected or not. The security and the technical team of Instagram have started to investigate on the same and have taken all the necessary steps to make the affected accounts secure and delete the posted pictures at the earliest. More than one million users of Instagram are feared to be impacted by this new type of spam; however, as per the last report, it is said that about 30,000 users have been affected. The spam was first reported by Om Malik on GigaOm who mentioned that spammers have hacked few user’s profiles and posted fruits pictures. 

Around 30,000 people believed to have clicked on the changed URL of the user profiles which believed to have landed on the fake BBC websites. Facebook which owns Instagram have told that the problem was solved relatively fast and the affected users have been sent a mail for password reset. Strange enough, but Twitter has also reported the similar incidents earlier this week.

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