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“PayPal Checkout” QR Codes To Automate Customer Purchases & Administration

Toronto, Ontario; July 6, 2013: Jibbio.com has launched an incredible tool which will allow anyone with a smartphone or tablet to instantly purchase your products and services right off of your print advertisements and actual items for sale- instant "scan & pay." This tool will completely automate customer purchases & administration OUTSIDE of your business and website without anyone having to pick up the phone.

Begin by creating high-resolution PayPal Checkout QR codes in 30 seconds, then download and add it to your print advertisements and actual items for sale to start collecting mobile payments. 

Following each transaction, the customer can then be automatically redirected to an online form (which you create) to enter any additional information you require, in one continuous flow. 

It’s like having salespeople work 24hrs per day selling your products and services, obtaining customer information, and collecting payment all at once. This game-changing tool will ultimately increase sales as it offers consumers the easiest purchasing experience ever, alongside endless marketing applications. 

Start printing money with this viral mobile commerce tool. 

Watch video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCdwegMVVm0 

About Jibbio.com 

Jibbio.com provides five useful tools for the small business to market, sell, and automate online. 

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