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Messi and Other Stars at FIFA 14 E3 Barcelona

8 July, 2013: Today, EA officially announced its next generation of football masterpiece "FIFA 14" promo-free rendering of the real machine. Unlike in the past to make use of the Ignite engine build, so its picture quality is beyond doubt. We can see from the video in the "Barcelona," the people inside the stadium, passionate fans are kept shouting slogans Fifa Coins Online to cheer their favorite team, game sound is very clear, distinct, people like immersive.

The official explained that it made use of its AI PRO INSTINCT technical computing speed is four times before, thus making the computer players on the pitch becomes more intelligent, they are able to live according to the scene to conduct pre-sentence, and to avoid unnecessary fouls.

In addition, it also realistic simulation of real-world players movements and techniques, with a sense of great! For the players care about the game sense of control, EA officials said that for the absolute best series of works, through the use www.fifacoinsbuy.co.uk of the latest technology and optimization, in the game against the foot of the football players can be well controlled, allowing the player in a on the one singled out when full confidence.

FIFA 14 will be held September 27 landing PC, PS3, Xbox 360 platform, PS4 and Xbox One version is synchronized with the host market.

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