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Shark Repellent Surfboard

8 July, 2013: Google the words “shark repellent surfboard” and you will see tons of web pages suggesting how great it would be if only someone would invent one, based on scientific studies of how sharks respond to colors and patterns. Numerous scientists talk about it, but no one has brought it to market or patented the idea, until now. 

The first time “Surf Lady” Veronica Grey went on TV advocating shark safety was on October 31, 2011, the anniversary of the Bethany Hamilton tiger shark tragedy. Ever since that first TV appearance, Surf Lady is a constant staunch public proponent of people wearing a black and white zebra print in the water to repel sharks because sharks have evolutionarily developed over 15 million years to avoid anything that resembles their lethal enemy, the deadly poisonous banded sea snake. As the ocean’s apex predator, sharks don’t fear much. However, the venom of the banded sea snake will kill within seconds and sharks could not have evolved without developing a hard wired mechanism to avoid creatures with that look. 

Surf Lady Veronica Grey shark safety presentations are on numerous websites like WTNH, KCAL 9 Los Angeles, WTVR, and KATU just to name a few. 

Google again to research sharks and banded sea snakes which reveals many scientists and even National Geographic documenting their relational behavior, but it is Jacques Cousteau’s studies that influenced The Surf Lady to become a trusted authority on shark safety. She founded SwimWithoutSharks.com with a tentpole guidebook

“Swim WithOUT Sharks ~ 

The REAL Surfer’s Paradise: 

Guide to shark attack-free Destinations of the World.” 

After numerous TV appearances, Surf Lady Veronica Grey is now partnered with world class Kimo Greene Surfboards of Haleiwa, Hawai'i to bring you the patent pending FIRST EVER and ONLY double-sided(!) shark repellent surfboard that is specifically designed to increase your chances of avoiding a shark. She invented it and Kimo Greene fulfills it. Now you can make your friends Greene with envy as you rock a custom surfboard that may be ordered from the Kimo Greene website. http://www.sandislandsurfboards.com/ Do allow two months for fulfillment. 

Other companies have invented products like a zebra print decal for the bottom of your surfboard to thwart sharks. Our original concept takes it a step further with a patent pending banded sea snake reminiscent design to BOTH sides of the surfboard (because let's face it, they are often flipped over.) Best of all, unlike a zebra print decal, the design is airbrushed directly on the surfboard so it won't peel away over time. Such an awesome board deserves a name - call it The Kimonator

Can we 100% guarantee you won’t be bitten by a shark while surfing this board? We can only liken it to wearing seat belts while driving or a helmet while snowboarding or using birth control – it is merely an enhancement that increases your chances of safety. Studies show that if you have been in the ocean, you have probably at some point been within 10 feet of a shark and never even knew it. Our shark deterring surfboard intention is based on logic and scientific fact but we cannot take responsibility for the randomness of shark behavior. We can only go with probability and rationality. Everything is intention and ours is to prevent shark encounters; however, read on below for our liability disclaimer. 

The Shark repellent surfboard for Surf Ladies and Surf Lads everywhere looks cooler anyway than your average board with its hip tribal design; the fact that it may cause sharks to avoid you is almost just a bonus. Like ALL Kimo Greene high end custom boards, he hand shapes each and every one. Kimo Greene is not only a master shaper, he shapes and saves lives as well.

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