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Dental Implant services now preferred as dental treatments in London

London, England, UK; 9 July, 2013: Dental implants in London are now a preferred way for dental restoration according to a leading dental practice, the Traver Dental Practice. The service which includes placing the implant under surgically sterile conditions, the provision of the disposables, cover screw, abutment and final crown has been touted as a successful dental restoration treatment and is now preferred over conventional bridges and dentures. 

The implants constructed from Titanium are placed into the jaw after which the bone grows around the implant and Osseo-integrates into the fixture. Choice for dental implants should be advice by the safety, zero toxicity and biocompatibility of the implants. Dental implants have a 30 year history, having been first tried out as a treatment option with over 95% success over the last 10 years. Dental implants are now widely accepted as the first option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. 

Osseo-integration and the use of implants can effectively replace one or more teeth without affecting the jaw or other teeth growing adjacent to the gap, can support a bridge and eliminate the need for a removable denture and can provide support for a denture. Implants give clients the exciting opportunity of getting rid of their dentures. 

About Traver Dental Practice: 

The Traver Dental Practice was opened in May 1993 by the proprietor, Richard Travers who hold a qualification from Kings College, university of London in 1989 and gained valuable industry experience. The team at Traver Dental Practice is extremely proficient, led by Richard, in all types of dental work, with a special interest in the cosmetic industry and in treatment of gum diseases. Others in the team include Barbara, Afrosa and Rafael. To find out more about the practise visit http://traversdentist.co.uk/ . 

For Media Contact:
Name: Travers Dental Practice
Address: 96 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AG
Phone: 020 3199 0135
Email: info@traversdentist.co.uk
Website: http://www.traversdentist.co.uk/

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