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The Company That Boilers Built

Pune, July 10, 2013: When one hears the word “boiler”, the first thing that comes to mind is a big bulk of metal that allows a person to heat water or other liquid. In most cases, people are unaware of the different reasons why water is heated, except maybe for taking a bath. In truth, boilers and such are also typically used in order to produce steam, which can then be used in order to generate electricity. 

Boilers, especially those used in order to produce steam energy, typically come in various types. These types include multi-tube boilers, cylindrical fire-tube, and haycock and wagon top boilers. 

One such boilers manufacturer India has that is recently gaining ground in terms of popularity is the Raj Process Equipments & Systems Pvt. Ltd. Raj Process has been in the business for quite sometime. Sitting on the board of directors and leading the company are some of the most established names in the fields of mechanical as well as chemical engineering. This boilers manufacturer India company provides clients with a number of different types of boiler such as high capacity boilers, solid fuel boilers, thermic fluid heaters, and package boilers with internal furnace as well as those that have external furnace. 

Raj Process Equipments & Systems Pvt. Ltd., is an ISO 9001-2000 company. What started as a process equipments company is now considered to be one of India’s premier providers of high capacity boilers as well as hot water boilers. Products from this company is exported to a number of countries worldwide including Oman, USA, Italy, Malaysia, Cuba, and Israel. 

To get to know more about Raj Process Equipment & Systems, visit http://www.raj-boilers.com/ . 

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Raj Process Equipments & Systems Pvt. Ltd
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'B' Wing,3rd Floor,
Jai Ganesh Fame Building,
Akurdi, Pune - 411035, India
Tel: +91-20-40710010
Website: http://www.raj-boilers.com/

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