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Prodek Safety Systems Announces Cutting-Edge Fall Prevention Systems for an Enhanced Workplace Safety

Howden, England; July 11, 2013: Prodek Safety Systems Ltd., a company that offers advanced fall prevention systems, now announces the addition of some newly designed systems that can ensure an enhanced level of workplace safety to a company that is concerned about its employee safety. According to a company release, these new systems use advanced technologies and are the most advanced solutions for fall detection and prevention. These devices are designed to respond to a fall at an incredibly quick speed and save the life of the worker. 

A recent report reveals that companies world over have grown more concerned about their worker’s safety. By implementing fall prevention systems, not only they try to safeguard the lives of their manpower, but also want to remain away from the legal hassles of paying compensation and several related issues. Moreover, today most companies are more concerned about their reputation, and a media reporting of such unfortunate accidents can tarnish their image. This is the reason why most companies prefer to invest in a fall prevention technology that can enable them keep continue their business operation without coming across such disturbances. 

Prodek Safety Systems, with an objective to extend their help to all business organizations, has now introduced fall prevention and emergency response systems that will help workers to continue their work with an enhanced sense of security. A project engineer working with a leading construction company in the Midlands reveals, “Since then the Prodek Fall Arrest and Prevention Systems are installed at our project site, workers feel more confident while working on difficult terrains and at unusual heights. Now, we work with a greater speed and it has become easier to meet the deadline.” 

One of the product design engineers working with Prodek Safety Systems reveals that the company invests a significant amount of money every year to carry out research and development work and focuses more on innovation. He says, “At Prodek, the effort is always to deliver enhanced devices that can ultimately enable companies to help maintain the workplace safety in the best possible manner.” 

One can check their product portfolio or request for a demo by visiting their website http://prodekltd.com/ . 

About Prodek Safety Systems Ltd. 

Prodek Safety Systems is the leading fall prevention system provider in the Midlands and the North East in England. The company delivers a wide range of devices and systems, enabling companies to create a safer working environment for their workers and employees. 

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