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PuffNuggs Releases the Incredible New Vaporizer Pen

July 12, 2013 PuffNuggs is one of the leading sellers of quality vaporizer pens that are primarily used for herbs, waxes, and oils. These pens are used instead of the normal method of smoking. Aside from the numerous health benefits vaporizer pens have over smoking, it is also a much easier process that has been proven to be more effective. Vaporizer pens are perfect for numerous kinds of spices, poppori, oils, waxes, bho, and other forms of herbs. 

Herbs and other types of flammable herbs or oils are typically smoked. It is a fast way to get the effects of the desired herb, but it possesses numerous health risks that many people are simply not aware of. When smoking the product, it released several harmful toxic tars and carcinogens. These tars and carcinogens are then ingested, which is not good for the health of the user. Vaporizer pens get rid of these harmful side effects and they also work better in general. 

Vaporizer pens use vapors that travel through the bloodstream at a much faster rate. Vapors are superior to both digestion methods and smoking methods, so it is only natural to make the switch. There are several available versions of these vaporizer pens at www.puffnuggs.com starting at $41.95. The pens come with everything that they need to function, as well as some bonus materials. Certain vaporizer pens are used solely for waxes, while others function with dry spices, waxes, and oils. At the moment, many of the vaporizer pens have free shipping and the batteries are estimated to last for around 500 cycles. 

PuffNuggs also sells wax atomizers. These attachments fit all electronic vaporizers or batteries with the 510 fitting. If used correctly, this attachment will not clog or leak, the airflow will not be obstructed, and it can easily be used with a 510 battery. Wax atomizers are able to heat up like an oven coil in a single second. Starting at $19.95 an can be purchased at http://www.puffnuggs.com/bho-honey-oil-wax-atomizer-pieces.htm , these affordable attachments are easy to use and can work with almost any electric vaporizer. This product makes using waxes and honey oils easy and effective. Take a look at the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iBWKdRViCs 

About Us 

PuffNuggs is the leader of quality electric vaporizer pens and they constantly strive to bring the best product to our customers. Their main goal is to provide lovers of herbs, oils, waxes, and other assorted products the best quality goods that money can buy. They care about each and every buyer and we are always willing to hear comments from our consumers. Its collection of electric vaporizer pens and wax atomizers are top of the line and are currently the newest technology in vaping. All PuffNuggs products are available in retail and wholesale. 

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