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A School Board Official from the State of Virginia faces Expulsion for Sending Racist Emails of the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama

July 13, 2013: A school board official from Southeastern Virginia’s Isle of Wight County raises concern over her highly controversial and racist remarks in offensive emails sent of Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States. Herb DeGroft, the culprit pointed as being responsible for the harshly worded emails, has shaken up the immigration lawyer Chicago country with his actions and has been asked to resign. 

Herb DeGroft was called upon on Thursday, May 30, 2013 by his board member colleagues to vote on his leave due to the harrowing nature of the emails he sent to them over the course of the month from his board email account harshly criticizing and humiliating first lady Michelle Obama via web. Among the other board members supporting his resignation, Herb DeGroft was the only one who reportedly voted against his resignation. 

Emails Compares the First Lady to African Female Warriors 

The nature of the emails sent over to the first lady is not only made in poor taste but also are blatantly obvious in its racism. NBC12 reports that in one of the many emails Herb DeGroft of Michelle Obama to his board member colleagues, he attached pictures of “bare breasted, African female warriors.” Along with the picture, he include deeply offensive remark as a caption stating, “Michelle Obama’s high school reunion.” In another equally nasty email sent to his colleagues, he claimed that the “first lady was paid $50 to model in National Geographic.” 

Colleague Further Enables DeGroft by Forwarding the Emails 

Helping Herb DeGroft spread his ignorance and racism with the rest of the community members was the Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman, named Byron Bailey. Encouraging Herb DeGroft with the vicious emails, Bailey further forwarded the emails to other members of the board and country officials. Combined with a previous outcry stating, “the South will rise again” during a meeting, Bailey dallas immigration lawyer has also garnered a lot of negative attention over his involvement in the racial controversy. 

Initially, both Herb DeGroft and Byron Bailey was called over to resign due to their unprofessional behavior and immature use of emails in the workplace. The board members concluded the meeting with the removal of Herd DeGroft and “has threatened to mount a recall effort against Bailey,” according to immigration lawyer sources. 

Sources also report that DeGroft has apologized as well as expressed remorse for his actions and for partaking in such cheap method of entertainment. He has even claimed, “there was no intention or motivation… to be inappropriate... discriminatory against anyone.” Bailey, on the other hand, has confessed in believing that the subject matter in the emails were inappropriate but emphasized his role in the controversy as merely someone who spread the emails around, rather than being directly accountable for the content of the emails. 

Isle of Wight County’s Board of Supervisors ultimately decided to allow Bailey to remain with them. DeGroft, on the other hand, still has not resigned despite the county’s decision against him. 

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