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Illegal Immigration: Affecting All those Around

Illegal Immigration affects everyone including those immigrants coming from other countries into the United States. Before delving into how Illegal Immigrants affect the citizens of the United States it is important to understand why and how immigrants come over. There are a wide variety of different reasons why a person may decide to break international law and come to the United States illegal. For most immigrants the idea of living in the United States means having a better chance at life for their families. Many of these immigrants may come from poorer, crime ridden countries where death and destruction surrounds them. For them the immigration attorney dallas United States is there best opportunity to escape the madness. 

How and Why Immigrants come to the United States 

The United States does provide immigrants with an opportunity to come over the United States and become an actual citizen. There is a 8 step program that will determine if a person is eligible for becoming a United States citizen. In reality this 8 step program may take too long for a person to complete and it may be necessary to get immigration lawyers to the United States as soon as possible. Also applying to the 8 step program does not guarantee that you are going to be accepted as a United States citizen. Many immigrants fail the test of immigration law questions and have to wait on a long waiting list to retake it. 

How the immigrants come over is another topic entirely. Many of these immigrants may come over by boat, car or on foot. Depending on the country that they are fleeing from many of these immigrants know the penalty for being caught. Some will attempt very dangerous stunts like climbing over electric or barbed wired fences to get to freedom. Also many United States citizens may illegally sneak over immigrants for payment or trinkets. 

The Penalty For Illegal Immigration 

Depending on the level of infringement there are a wide variety of penalties and punishments that may come from immigration attorney chicago helping an illegal immigrant come to the United States. One punishment for an illegal immigrant is permanent banning from the United States. This means that the immigrant is deported back to their country of origin and can never return. Employers that are found hiring illegal immigrants can be forced to pay steep fines between $250-$2,000 per illegal immigrant. If caught for a second offense then the rates increase to about $5,0000 per immigrant. Any infraction after the second offense can lead to some jail time as well as some very steep fines. 

The fine for bringing an illegal alien over can be $3,000 a person. 

Effects of Illegal Immigrants on Americans 

Many people will argue that when illegal immigrants come over to the United States they get to enjoy all the freedoms of being a citizen without contributing to it. This will begin to place a slight strain on the taxpayers who are here legally. Also many of those illegal immigrants that come to the United States do not speak the language very fluently. This can cause immigration lawyers in dallas language barrier between them and other citizens. Some companies may exploit these illegal aliens and pay them less than minimum wage to perform some of the most dangerous, dirty and demeaning tasks. Not only does this put the immigrant in danger, but also could keep a citizen from being hired at the business. Many citizens believe that illegal aliens place a huge strain on the already faltering economy of the United States. 

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