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Those with Lost Driver’s Licenses Turn to Electric Bicycles

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Electric bicycles have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. The technology has improved significantly, making the bikes lighter and therefore more efficient. Battery life is also improving, making electric bicycles a convenient and inexpensive option for commuting. Perhaps the rise in gas prices along with a more long-term view from consumers has driven the popularity up. But there’s another common reason that individuals choose electric bicycles. 

“People are seeking a legal, fun, and safe way to commute so they can get to work, school, etc,” says a representative from ST Electric Cycles, one of the biggest companies offering the bikes today, “Many of them are not able to drive because of a restriction, sometimes a DUI or DWI, sometimes just because they’re not quite old enough yet.” 

At ST Electric Cycles, many customers find the electric bicycle option because they’re forced to think about something besides their usual first choice: the car. When someone’s license is taken away, the car option also goes out the window. In the search for an alternative, people are finding electric bicycles to be the ideal option. 

“Electric bicycles allow people to feel free to choose their own schedule. They combine the freedom of choice that a car offers with enough of a power boost to be easy for anyone to use. But they’re not as heavy as a scooter or motorcycle.” 

They also don’t travel as fast as those vehicles, making them a safer alternative in many peoples’ minds. One electric bicycle owner, who bought hers after she lost her license due to a DUI and wishes to remain anonymous, described her experience as very positive overall. 

“I was devastated when I lost my license because to take the bus to work would take twice as long. I started to panic when thinking about grocery shopping and running errands. But a friend who rides a regular bicycle told me that I might like electric bicycles, knowing that I didn’t want to just ride a regular bike.” 

She says that today she enjoys her daily rides and has found ways to appreciate her commute, something she certainly never did in a car. 

“They say that bad things can turn into good things. I never would have thought that about losing my license. But riding the [electric] bike is really fun and easy. I go a nicer, more calm route to work so I don’t deal with traffic. Even when I get my license back, I don’t think I’ll drive to work!” 

She and many other people who have been forced out of their cars are buying from ST Electric Cycles. “We’re grateful that people are enjoying our products, and even though they didn’t choose to get out of their cars, they seem really happy to have found an alternative that works.” 

For more information, feel free to visit www.st-bicycle.com . Or for inquiries, contact telephone numbers 888-883-1341 or fax no. 954-943-0377.

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