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Diversified Fall Protection Systems Are Demonstrated by Prodek Safety Systems Ensuring a Complete Workplace Protection Plan

Howden, England, July 13, 2013: The application engineers of Prodek Safety Systems Ltd. presented a product demonstration where they revealed the specialties and unique attributes of their different fall protection solutions before a select group of company representatives. The idea was to educate about different kind of fall prevention and safety systems that could enable companies to maintain the highest level of workplace safety and thus avoid injuries and casualties at the workforce. 

Many workplace safety specialists advocate for the installation of fall protection systems, particularly in the industries like construction, mining, gas drilling and several other sectors where workers have the risk of falling from a great height. They maintain that compromising the safety needs of workers is often seen as a serious negligence and any untoward incidence of worker’s injury can impose several kinds of restrictions on a company’s business operations, besides compensating the worker for their injuries and other losses. In many countries, installation of fall protection or fall prevention systems is a part of the compliance and contractors and service personnel may not be interested working in a place where such systems are missing. 

During their presentation, the engineers of Prodek Safety Systems maintain that they are one of the leading solution providers in the field of providing fall protection to the clients. The company has a comprehensive range of fall arrest solutions that offers a complete protection to the clients. The engineers also reiterated the company’s commitment to keep bringing new and advanced solutions from time to time. One of the engineers revealed, “It’s a fast changing world and we keep in mind our client’s changing needs. Our in-house R&D unit keeps working throughout the year to come out with better designs and upgraded models that can ensure an enhanced level of safety to the workers who work in different conditions and at the different heights.” 

More importantly, Prodek Safety Systems provides solutions within the clients’ budget and the installation work hardly interrupts the clients’ workflow. Companies interested to get their systems installed in their workplaces or simply to gain a better idea about their product portfolio can visit their website http://prodekltd.com/. 

About Prodek Safety Systems Ltd. 

Prodek Safety Systems is the leading fall prevention system provider in the Midlands and the North East in England. The company delivers a wide range of devices and systems, enabling companies to create a safer working environment for their workers and employees. 

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