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Travellers Must Ensure Insurance Covers Them for All Activities

15 July, 2013: One of the things that young people should always take whenever they go abroad is a suitable travel insurance policy. Unfortunately, it is often the last thing that young travellers think about when they go on holiday, and when they do take out a policy it often does not have the level of cover that they need.

Insuremore, an experienced provider of single trip travel insurance, has long highlighted the necessity of having suitable travel insurance. However, now the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has provided its own recommendation to young travellers to remind them that they need to make sure they are fully covered for all of their activities when they go abroad.

A recent FCO survey found that 45% of young Britons between 16 and 24 did not check to find out whether they were covered for adventurous sports on their single trip travel insurance policies. This was despite the fact that four out of five admitted that they took part in activities such as skiing, quad biking and bungee jumping, many of which are not covered on standard insurance policies.

The main concern for travellers who are injured in such activities is that they can face very high medical bills. These can often cost thousands of pounds, although the cost depends upon the country in which they are injured. The FCO reminded travellers that it cannot pay their medical bills for them or help them to return home. It therefore encouraged people to make sure they took out an insurance policy that provided them with full cover for all of their activities.

When taking out single trip travel insurance or multi-trip insurance, it is essential that travellers look at exactly what is covered by their policies before they purchase them. Travel insurance is necessary, but if it is not suitable because it does not cover all of the activities the traveller wants to enjoy, holidaymakers can still find themselves ending up with hefty medical bills to pay.

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