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Zombie Rpg Minesweeper: All-Time Favorite Game Now On Android With Graphics + Music + Story

16 July, 2013: Minesweeper is one of the all-time favorites that everybody played. SecretsAndAdventures.com has now released a completely new version that brings the game back to life with great graphics in role-playing-game style, story and music. The rules are still the same, but now the player has to uncover zombies in the fog that threatens an ancient kingdom. 

The story leads the player through eerie forests, old castles, lava-filled caves, snow-covered mountain-tops, the desert and many more places. It's up to the player to uncover the plot that threatens the ancient kingdom and save the beautiful princess Alihe. 

New wizards make the game more fun: 

- If the player is stuck, he can use the magic "crystal view", which will uncover 10 random, safe fields 

- The Long-Tap Wizard makes it easier to mark fog fields as "Zombies". Basically, if it's obvious from the adjourning numbers that a zombie hides here, a regular tap will automatically mark the fields as zombie-field. 

- The Number-Tap Wizard saves the player from a lot of standard taps. Tap any number where all adjourning zombies are already marked and the wizard will uncover all other adjourning fields. 

"We wanted to take the grunt work out of minesweeper", say Thomas Holz, owner of SecretsAndAdventures.com and lead programmer. "Both wizards make the game faster and reduce the risk of accidentally uncovering the wrong field, making the game more fun. If the player still uncovers the wrong field and is attacked by a zombie, he still has a second life." 

The game is now available for free for Android in the Google Play app-store. Extra levels, wizards and more lives can be purchased within the game. SecretsAndAdventures.com was founded in 2011 to bring fun games and apps to Android and iOS devices.

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