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Review: Home Construction Contractors Scripps Ranch HK Construction & Remodel

18 July, 2013: Marc Gieselmann and his Scripps Poway based construction company HK Construction & Remodel have made a positive impression in the local home construction and remodeling industry. From small projects of converting a bedroom into an entertainment area to huge construction tasks like building room additions or second floors, they have managed to handle all with refined skill and sound knowledge. But more than that, it has taken the amiable personality of Marc to win clients over and to make his name in this vast industry. 

What makes HK Construction & Remodel stand apart from other competitors in Scripps Ranch, Poway and other surrounding areas in San Diego, CA is the fact that Marc oversees the entire project, no matter how big or how simple the task is; this ensures quality of service and completion of job in the time agreed upon with his customers. Marc understands that the only way to gain the trust of customers is by ensuring their satisfaction; that for him is the real benchmark of success. 

Over the years, HK Construction has been able to adequately complete all sorts of remodeling jobs and this has become possible because of their complete team of competent workers. In all this time, the remodeling jobs have run the gamut of variety. Projects they have successfully completed recently include extending an enclosed patio, building another room upstairs, providing a covered terrace and creating a complete wine storage area. These are only a few examples of the myriad of Scripps Ranch construction and remodeling services they perform. 

The following are some of the remodeling services for which HK Construction is really well known for. 

'Aging in Place':
HK Construction has not only brought quality in the remodeling industry, it has also brought innovation. This remodeling firm has given new meaning to the lives of many senior residents throughout Scripps Ranch / Poway and San Diego County. HK Construction provided special remodeling services for the aging people so that their own home is able to accommodate their changing lifestyle. Their children are no more forced to send their parents to rest homes or assisted living facilities because now their homes are able to accommodate the needs of the aging parents. 

Bathroom Remodeling:
Another one of the impeccable services for which HK Construction is constantly sought for is their bathroom-remodeling service. No matter what the size, when their remodeling service is done, the bathroom ends up completely transformed and up to date. 

Kitchen Remodeling:
Similarly their kitchen remodeling service is also top-class. Kitchens are where a lot of family time is spent and hence has to be functional and comfortable as well. There are a lot of new kitchen trends that can be incorporated into an already existing kitchen and HK Construction knows how make it happen for you. 

If you are searching for the best home construction remodeling services in Scripps Ranch, Poway or San Diego you should contact HK Construction for a free consultation and no obligation price quote. Call 858-748-6580 or visit http://HKRemodel.com . Read more reviews of the popular Scripps Ranch home construction contractors on Yelp at http://www.yelp.com/biz/hk-construction-poway .

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