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Mattress Cleaning Services by Oxygenie Cleaning Service – Find Out How it Benefits Your Health

Calgary, Alberta; July 23, 2013: Oxygenie Cleaning Service is a distinguished service provider in its surrounding areas, famous for its unparalleled and high-end Upholstery Cleaning Services. Now they proudly present another matchless deal on Mattress Cleaning Services. Regular customers who are about to hire upholstery cleaning services must couple it with the mattress cleaning services in order to gain maximum advantage. 

Why do you need mattress cleaning services, you ask? According to a research done by Mayo Clinic, in a single year, the bed bugs’ infestation has increased by 90%; this clearly indicates that nearly every home and every bedroom discreetly harbors an enormous population of these terrible creatures that live off human dead skin, hair and blood. Mattress Cleaning services offered by Oxygenie Cleaning Service ensures that all such organisms that have made your mattress their home, will be thoroughly and professionally removed. 

How do they do that? Oxygenie Cleaning Service owns some state-of-the-art equipment and green cleaning solutions which they employ to extract all kinds of disagreeable remains from the mattress. They also utilize dry cleaning method in which the mattress is comprehensively cleaned with a powerful suction pump extracting all harmful substances even from within. 

Not only is it unpleasant to have other lurking creatures under your bed sheets, it is also quite dangerous for humans to constantly sleep in an environment where there is a lot of chance of dust mite and bed bug infestation. Dust mites are not easily visible, although bed bugs are noticeable to the eye; however, both of these are perhaps the worst kinds of allergens that are possibly taking refuge in your own bedroom and under your covers. 

Research has proven that they can be the sole cause of allergies like eczema and other medical conditions, like asthma, bronchitis, insomnia, depression and anxiety. There are hundreds of people suffering from conditions mentioned above; sometimes they are in conjugation to each other and most of them aren’t even aware of the fact that a mattress that has been neglected for so long can be the cause of this. Therefore, Oxygenie Cleaning Service has started out this drive to spread awareness and to kill and eradicate such harmful components which quietly nestle inside your homes. 

Next time, even if you are interested in upholstery cleaning services or not, go for mattress cleaning service as you can really benefit from it health wise. 

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