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Professional Oncologists in Merced Offering Cutting-Edge Treatments Multidisciplinary Cancer Treatments from El Portal

El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center announces a new era of multidisciplinary cancer treatments in Merced, California. This center is the most modern cancer treatment center which has a team of professional medical and radiation oncologists providing expert consultations to their patients. El Portal center is technologically advanced and uses the new PET/CT which is exclusively designed for radiation treatment planning. With the help of Linear Accelerator that is capable of IMRT or Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment and IGRT or Image Guided Radiation Therapy, the center offers the most effective therapies. 

The above IMRT equipment delivers the radiation only to the tumor targets thereby limiting any exposure to normal tissues. The IGRT allows an accurate patient setup for the doctors to view the cells through a three dimensional image. The advantages of the El Portal Radiation Oncology are Maximized Effectiveness and Visualization and Minimized Risks of radiation. Apart from medical oncology and radiation oncology services, the El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center also specializes in Hematology and Breast Cancer. 

The El Portal Center also offers leading-edge Prostate Cancer treatments with the help of the most technologically advanced treatment systems. They also have a multidisciplinary breast clinic along with a Breast Support Group to offer their patients a practical approach towards managing breast cancer. Patients with abnormal mammogram, palpable mass, recurrent breast cancer, increased risk of developing cancer, etc. can take advantage of the breast cancer program with state of art services and a personalized treatment plan. A team of professional and experienced surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons, counselors, etc. assist and support their patients in every step of the treatment. 

To know more about the multidisciplinary cancer treatments offered by El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center visit their website. 

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El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center, based at Merced, California is a leading center offering cutting-edge cancer treatments. This state of the art cancer treatment center provides treatments with highest standards with the help of the best physicians in the industry. The facilities here maximize the effectiveness of the radiation in curing the tumors and cancer cells and minimizing the risks of exposure to such radiation. The center has the latest technology which allows the doctors here to target the cancer cells in a much more efficient manner. 

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Company Name: El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center
Address: 3303 M Street
Merced CA 95348
E-mail: info@elportalcancer.com

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