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Equan.us offers FREE of charge lifetime “Basic Membership” to all freelancers and project providers.

Equan.us is the new community exchange platform on the net for freelancers and project providers. Equan.us offers a unique tool completely FREE of charge. Equan.us will make the difference and help freelancers in difficult times to attract new business.

New-York – July 7th, 2009 (World Press Release) – Equan.us was launched in a beta version on July 01st, 2009 as a project to help and assist freelancers to attract new business and to give project providers the possibility to find qualified and flexible freelancers for their project at attractive rates to assure a solid expansion of their business.

Freelance job opportunities are easier to find than ever before. Yet because of the economic crises and the rising demand for flexible employment solutions, freelance jobs have become an increasingly popular career choice. The internet has paved the way for businesses to broaden their client bases and to reach customers globally, thus creating large lucrative marketplaces for freelancers. But how can a freelance find enough work in such a competitive market to sustain a steady income?

Equan.us offers a FREE basic membership to all freelancers and gives them the opportunity to publish their profile and their references in order to attract new business for them. Equan offers a lot of useful tools allowing freelancers to get in touch instantly with project providers and to apply online for new projects. Equan is for FREE and neither fees nor commissions are due after a successful deal is matched between two parties.

Equan.us is also offering the same possibilities to private and corporate project providers. By joining Equan.us project providers will have the great opportunity to present themselves to the freelancer community and the public by publishing a profile and their project at the platform. This will allow them to gain more visibility in the web and by offering interesting projects to freelancers attracting more qualified and flexible workforce to assure a steady development of their business also in times of crises.

In difficult times like the one we are in right now, flexible solutions and useful tools at hand are always welcome, even more when they are offered for FREE. We from Equan Group want to adjoin our contribution to help our fellow US citizens with this new community platform to attract new business for them and like that create income and wealth for themselves and their families. We are confident that a lot of people will join our community of Equanians.

Contact Information:
Equan.us - Indigo Capital Holding Inc.
1122 Broadway Avenue
New York City – NY 10010
United States of America
Contact Person: Mr John Hill
Phone: 001.646.502.87.18
E-mail: pr@equan.biz
Website : www.equan.us

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