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Outdoor Exhibition in Paris Proves Popular with Visitors

2 September, 2013: Many people travel to Paris each year for the stunning selection of attractions that make this one of the most visited cities in the world. One of the joys of travelling to Paris is meeting the local people and exploring their way of life, and now visitors can find out even more about them through a new public exhibition, says European Waterways. 

The public exhibition aims to show ordinary residents of Paris in a playful manner. The images have appeared on billboards across the city, and visitors have been enjoying them immensely. However, local Parisians have been left slightly bemused by the whole thing. 

The exhibition is called ‘Les Parisiens’, and it comprises nearly fifty sketches by Kanako, which have been placed in a thousand different locations across the city. 

Apparently it is a way of providing something free for people in the city where advertising would normally be used, says European Waterways. It is supposed to be a humorous look at Parisians so that visitors can see that they do not take themselves too seriously. 

Of course, there are many other reasons to visit Paris during the summer months. The attractions on offer in the city are truly world class, ranging from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame. While many people simply take the Eurostar across from London, other people decide to visit Paris on a barge tour of France. That way they can enter right into the centre of the city and discover all of its charms at the same time as discovering more of the spectacular countryside outside of the city. 

European Waterways thinks that the public display will be a big hit with visitors this summer, and it will provide them with one more reason to travel to this excellent city at the best time of year to see it in its full glory. 

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