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France Still The Perfect Holiday Destination Despite Tourism Dip

2 September, 2013: Bookings for holidays in France are down on the previous year, according to figures reported in The Times. They have seen a 4.5% drop from 2012, which itself saw a drop from 2011. Tourism is big business in France, generating over seventy billion euros for the country and there are fears that if it starts to fall further it could hit the country even harder. 

One of the main problems is that more French people are going abroad for their holidays this year, where they are picking up cheaper deals. This is a direct effect of the economic crisis and it could prove problematic for the country if the trend continues. 

However, for people from other countries who are planning a barge holiday, France still remains a very popular destination. There are so many places that visitors can travel to when they are on a barge holiday. The canals run across the country and mean that holidaymakers can discover the heart of the countryside at the same time as heading right into the middle of Paris. 

There are many reasons why people are attracted to a French barge holiday. France has some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe, and areas like the Champagne region are especially popular. There is no better way to discover the heart of France than in a peaceful barge moving slowly along the canals where passengers can watch the surrounding scenery pass by and appreciate it at their own pace. 

Although tourism in France in general may be down, people will continue to take advantage of the benefits offered by a barge holiday. France is such a top destination for barge holidays, and it is also very close to the UK, making it the ideal getaway for many people who are looking for beautiful scenery and warm weather not too far from home. So whatever happens with the overall tourism sector, the country can still expect to welcome many visitors to its extensive canals this summer. 

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