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New UK Website Launches eCommerce site For CNC Routers

4 September, 2013: CNC routers are shaping machines controlled by a connecting computer and commanded by the numerical controls – This can be via a computer running on a windows operating system or a 3rd party plugins can be added “motion controllers” which use a dedicated engine named DSP which send pulses in order to control the machine. 

They are used for cutting a large variety of materials such as stainless steel plasticand wood. The JBEC CNC router systems available in the UK are similar to a CNC milling machine with the advantage of the system running on an award winning German platform. 

Models are available for both the commercial and the domestic user with hefty commercial grade unitsbeing the most desirable for the workshop. 

A JBEC CNC router can be used to produce many different items and unlike a jig router, A JBEC CNC router system will output consistent high-end work. 

The JBEC 604012 is 3 axis CNC machine and offers a bed travel of 600mm in X and 400mm in Y and is the smallest machine in the JBEC range. 

The JBEC 106512 is also a 3 axis CNC machine and offers a bed travel of 1000mm in X and 650mm Y and is a medium sized machine of the JBEC range and the most popular 

The JBEC 1259012 is the biggest machine JBEC offer. A 3 axis CNC machine as standard offers a bed travel of 1250 mm in X and 900mm Y. 

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