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Missed Call Flourishing as a Marketing Medium

The call rates offered by the mobile operators are one of the cheapest in the world. However, this has not resulted in people shying away from giving missed call to others as a signal to contact them or call them back! This habit of giving missed calls dates back to the times when the call rates were high and the missed call was a free means of communicating short signals like “thinking of you”, “call me back”, etc. 

Zipdial- a Bangalore based company that thrives on missed call marketing has tapped this habit of the Indians very effectively. The methodology adopted by Zipdial is simple. It displays the phone numbers of the clients to the consumers through various mediums and urges them to give a missed call on the number to know about various offers and sales. The caller is then given the desired information through a text. For the marketers every missed call is like gold dust. 

In the last three years of its operation, Zipdial has got a total of 414m missed calls. Zipdial currently runs nearly 400 campaigns for various clients that include companies listed in the Fortune 500 lists. The analysis of the data gathered through the missed calls like enquiry trends, age, location, etc. is the real substance that the clients pay Zipdial for. 

For more inputs on the permission market model that Zipdial is following and to gather more knowledge regarding the company you can visit http://ftcsb.org. You will find the directory submission very helpful.

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