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The Omnicom Group Holds a Princess Cruises Account

Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein mark a return with the princess cruises account. It was twenty five years back when Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein came across the Royal Viking cruise line account and had their first big break at the time. According to a few reports it has come to light that the account used to spend around ten million dollars only on print advertising. It was great deal back in time as they accomplished a win against their own ad mentor Hal Riney. Apart from the old times, recent news reports also said that Silverstein and partners are now cruising along the cruise industry again. 

It is also reported that Omnicom group is assigned as the lead agency of princess cruises and will be held responsible for a marketing deal in early 2014. Gordon Ho is the new top marketer for the cruise line and is said to have officially bought the GSP. In the past this man worked 18 years with the Walt Disney company and the held the position of executive vice president of worldwide marketing. In a statement by Mr Ho, he stated that the company required a new partner for the advertising and marketing development guided by a good agency with proven results in the past. 

He also said that the Goodby Silverstein and partners team brought a good reputation and also impressed them through their strategic and creative moves which in turn helped in distinguishing the princess cruises brand. For more news and directory submission, take a look at http://cmrtv.org

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