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Looking for Brazilian wax in Manhattan NY

USA; 09/04/2013: Brazilian waxing is popular for numerous reasons among many women. Getting rid of unwanted hair from all their private parts provides women a good feeling about themselves. Removing all these hairs makes them feel liberated, clean, and sexy while allowing them to wear bikinis and exotic lingerie with comfort. This kind of hair removal process gained popularity in the late nineties when several famous personalities started undertaking this procedure. Brazilian wax in Manhattan NY was introduced by a group of sisters from Brazil in the year 1987.

Sometimes women confuse this kind of hair removal procedure with bikini wax. However, using bikini wax only the hair around the bikini area is removed. However, using the Brazilian waxing technique, hair from around, back, front, and between is removed to provide a cleaner and sexier appearance. Generally, each session takes between fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the amount of hair that needs to be removed. The service provider will trim the pubic hair to about one-quarter inch before applying the wax to pull it out. Many women especially first timers may be embarrassed or shy because this hair removal method requires them to undress completely.

When you opt for the best Brazilian waxing in Manhattan, you need to choose a salon that has experienced and trained professionals. This ensures you feel the least pain and discomfort during the entire procedure. Moreover, experienced professionals are fast, which reduces the total time taken for the complete hair removal process. While women may feel pain especially the first time, regular adoption of the procedure reduces the soreness. The effects of a well-done process can last for up to three weeks and women are advised to get this waxing done once in three weeks for maximum benefits. If you feel bumps or soreness, you can ask the professional expert to recommend treatment lotions to alleviate these discomforts. For more information, visit http://youtu.be/8rRbf5coQrQ

Dyanna Spa commenced operations in 1983 in New York and offered a wide range of nail salon services. This spa was among the first salons that provided clients full body hair removal procedures for the residents of Manhattan and surrounding areas. Generally, Brazilian waxing is more expensive than the regular kinds of hair removal procedures. However, at this spa clients can enjoy excellent and friendly services without spending large sums of money. Moreover, the décor of the entire place provides a pleasing environment to the clients while being assured of cleanliness and sterile instruments used to provide the different kinds of services. Please visit http://dyannaspa.wordpress.com/about/ for more information.

Several people frequently consider this method for hair removal from their private parts as something that can be done at home. However, it requires special skills and expertise that can be acquired through the right training and experience. Nonetheless, if you want to try waxing at home, experts recommend starting with a bikini wax or French wax, which are simpler procedures when compared to the Brazilian waxing procedure. To conclude, it can be said that this method of hair removal has become popular over the years among women because it makes them feel cleaner, sensuous, and sexy.


Dyanna Spa is one of the best Brazilian waxing in Manhattan salons as it is one of the first ones to provide such services. Over the years, the salon has expanded and currently operates twenty-one locations across New York.

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