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IP Lawyer Carl Ballard Quits Prestigious Job To Travel The World

5 Sepetember, 2013: Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job, trading in that shirt and tie for a pair of shorts and sunglasses, and then setting off to travel the world one country at a time? 

Well this dream has become a reality for London resident Carl Ballard, 25, who has quit his prestigious job at one of the UK’s leading law firms to pursue his dearest ambitions of seeing the world. 

Carl Ballard’s travel yarns will be documented on his new website, Carl Ballard Travel, which launched recently. 

Mr Ballard said of his latest venture: “I am thrilled, overwhelmed and just a little bit terrified about the latest direction that my life is leading me in. 

“However, I am confident that this is the right decision. As my late father once said to me, ‘Nobody on their deathbed says they wish they had made more money or worked just that little bit harder’. And that’s so true! 

“I have always been passionate about travel. There is something totally invigorating and life-affirming about meeting new people and touching down in strange and exotic new places. You really cannot beat it!” 

The website is also offering budding travel writers the opportunity to guest post on the website, which they can apply for by going to the ‘Write for Me’ page. 

Carl Ballard added: “By encouraging guest posting, I hope to fire up the passions of similar like-minded people.” 

For more information on Carl Ballard, and to read all about his adventures across the many countries of the world, visit the new website at http://www.carl-ballard.com. Advertisers, guest posters, and other interested parties can reach Mr Ballard by using the contact form on his website. 

Alternatively, the other option is to reach Carl Ballard on his various Social Media profiles, such as Twitter, where he maintains a regular and active presence. 

About Carl Ballard: 

Once a very successful IP lawyer for a top London firm, Carl Ballard is now a full-time travel blogger, author and journalist. His latest website is called Carl Ballard Travel and it details the various trips he has undertaken since he left his job. 

For Media Contact:
Carl Ballard
Silicon Way
Corsham Street
N1 6DR
Email: carl@carl-ballard.com

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