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Michelin Starred Chef Carl Ballard Launches New Website

5 September,2013: Have you ever wanted to get insider information on and learn all of the secrets of one of the UK’s leading chefs? Luckily, Michelin Star winning Head Chef Carl Ballard has recently launched a website that allows its visitors to do just that. 

The new website from this precocious young chef, which is simply titled ‘Carl Ballard’, takes the form of a blog which divulges some of the best kept industry secrets and posts a diverse range of articles, from cooking for Seasonaires and choosing the best food while on holiday in Peru to recipes for Wild Rice Pilaf and dishes from the French Savoyard region. 

Speaking about his latest foray into cyberspace, Carl Ballard, who is just 35, said: “For a long time I’ve wanted to have my own website, and now I’m proud to say that I do! 

“Over the course of my frenetic career in cookery I’ve picked up some great knowledge and experience which I am looking forward to imparting over the coming year. So, if you’re into your food, you better be watching this space!” 

Mr Ballard added: “I am also a very friendly and approachable guy – so if you drop me a message using the contact form on my website you can bet your bottom dollar that I will get back to you ASAP!” 

In addition to being a Head Chef, Carl Ballard’s credentials include winning the coveted Michelin Star on three separate occasions; publishing numerous critically acclaimed and bestselling cookery books; and winning the prestigious ‘London Chef of the Year’ Award an incredible 10 times. 

Carl currently lives in the Shoreditch area of London with his wife and children. 

To find out more about Carl Ballard and his life and times in the world of cookery and food, visit the website at http://www.carl-ballard.co.uk. Alternatively, those interested in engaging with Mr Ballard on a more intimate basis can follow him on Social Media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. 

About Carl Ballard: 

Carl Ballard is a Michelin Starred Head Chef at one of London’s foremost restaurants. He is also the author of numerous cookery-based publications, winner of London’s ‘Chef of the Year’, and the owner of the popular Carl Ballard blog. 

For Media Contact:
Carl Ballard
67 Braithwaite Street 
E1 6GJ
Email: carl@carl-ballard.co.uk

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